Spotify, Yelp to Senate: pass bill reigning in Big Tech

STORY: A ground-breaking bipartisan bill aimed at reigning in Big Tech now has the support of smaller tech companies and several other businesses.

The legislation - sponsored by Democrat Amy Klobuchar and Republican Chuck Grassley - aims to prevent companies like Apple and Facebook from favoring their own businesses on their platforms.

That’s music to the ears of Spotify, Yelp and search engine DuckDuckGo, who are among the companies behind a letter sent Monday in support of the bill, calling it “moderate and sensible” and (quote) “aimed squarely at well-documented abuses by the very largest online platforms."

They urged the Senate to pass the measure, saying it would modernize antitrust laws so smaller companies have space to compete.

But Big Tech has launched a media blitz aimed at derailing the legislation – saying it jeopardizes things like Amazon Prime, which offers customers free shipping for an annual fee, or the popular consumer product Google Maps.

The Senate is expected to vote on the bill this summer, where it is expected to pass, followed by a House vote on the measure.

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