Can you spot it? Majestic leopard leaps up onto roadside tree

This is the incredible footage showing a wild leopard being spotted on April 8. "We had this amazing leopard sighting only 700 meters from the Nossob rest camp and 5 minutes before gate closing time. Wish we could have stayed with her for another hour. We came around the last corner over the dune and there she stood. In the middle of the road, so close to camp, we can see the gate. She moved over to the camelthorn tree on the right of the road. Jumped in the tree and lay down observing her surroundings. It was not 3 minutes and she saw a mongoose, stood up and made this incredible jump from the one branch to the next and the second big jump and she was back in the road. The mongoose made sure it got out of her way and she steadily strolled of around the next no-entry road. The sour grass is so tall after the good rains that we quickly then lost sight of her. It was a sighting that we will forever remember when we make the last turn over the dune back to Nossob rest camp," the filmer told Newsflare.