I spot a huge fight! Big male leopard retaliates when he finds intruder near food at Kruger National Park

This is the ferocious fight between two male leopards over food in Kruger National Park in South Africa on March 26,. The filmer, Edrich, paints a vivid picture. "During a recent safari with friends in the Kruger National Park we came across a male leopard walking along the road. It was an exciting find and our guide decided to follow the leopard from a distance behind. The male leopard suddenly stopped and spotted a half-eaten carcass in a tree nearby. We could sense that this male leopard was nervous when approaching the tree, indicating clearly that it was not his kill and that he was treading on dangerous territories. The leopard slowly sneaked up the tree to claim his newly found abandoned kill. Suddenly the leopard in the tree starts growling repeatedly, sounding very aggravated. We realised the leopard’s luck ran out when the real owner returned from the river below. The approaching leopard clearly left his meal to go and drink water down by the river, during which time the leopard we found came across the unattended free meal. The male on the ground confidently approached the tree, knowing what needed to be done. Within seconds the two leopards met at the top of the tree and that was when chaos ensued. The two males furiously attacked one another, immediately falling out of the tree in the process. The fight was taken down to the ground where the leopards were clawing and biting at each other in a ruthless manner. The deep growling sounds of both leopards was incredibly powerful to listen to. Without risking any further serious injuries, the younger intruder thought it best to rather let go of his find and get out of the area as quickly as possible. The original owner of the kill got back into the tree to reclaim his meal. Having two male leopards together in one area always spells serious problems and witnessing such an encounter in the wild was just mind-blowing," Edrich said.