‘Split’ Actor Jessica Sula to Star in ‘Last Shift’ Reboot From Original Filmmaker Anthony DiBlasi (EXCLUSIVE)

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“Skins” and “Split” actor Jessica Sula is set to star in director Anthony DiBlasi’s reboot of his 2014 cult horror film “Last Shift.”

The still-untitled movie, backed by the new genre label Welcome Villain Films, has wrapped production. With post-production expected to be completed in the fall, Welcome Villain hopes to distribute the film in 2023. Variety has a first look at “Last Shift” above.

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In addition to directing, DiBlasi co-wrote the script with Scott Poiley. The story follows a rookie police officer (Sula) who willingly takes the last shift at a newly decommissioned police station. She hopes to uncover the mysterious connection between her father’s death and a vicious cult, but throughout the night she’s thwarted by terrifying supernatural events that connect to her family’s twisted past.

Juliana Harkavy starred in DiBlasi’s original version of “Last Shift,” which premiered at the London FrightFest Film Festival in October of 2014 and was released directly on VOD in 2015. According to a press release, “this reimagining takes the premise of the 2014 festival hit and flips it on its head, thrusting viewers into a relentless, adrenaline-fueled, bloody cult nightmare.”

“The world Scott and I envisioned for this story was always meant to be a dark, twisted rollercoaster through Hell, and partnering with Welcome Villain allowed us to fully realize our vision without the limitations we faced with the original film,” DiBlasi said. “The practical effects, authentic locations, incredible cast and unwavering support from team Villain propelled this project to an entirely new level that we hope will more than satisfy existing fans and new fans alike.”

Sula, the 28-year-old Welsh actor who broke out as Grace Blood in the third generation of “Skins” and later appeared in horror-thrillers like “Scream: Resurrections” and M. Night Shyamalan’s “Split,” praised the filmmaking experience on “Last Shift.”

“This has been such a wild and fun project to be part of, and working with Anthony and the team has been amazing. It was a rewarding challenge to take on this role and bring something new and unexpected to the character, and I think this movie will definitely give audiences a good scare!”

Star Jessica Sula and director Anthony DiBlasi on the set of “Last Shift.”
Star Jessica Sula and director Anthony DiBlasi on the set of “Last Shift.”

The cast also includes Candice Coke (“Kevin Can F**K Himself”), Chaney Morrow (“Haunt”), Clarke Wolfe (“Satanic Panic,” “Torn Hearts”), Morgan Lennon (“Something From Tiffany’s”), Valerie Loo (“American Horror Stories”), Monroe Cline (“Don’t Worry Darling”), Eric Olson (“Raising Helen”), Sam Brooks (“Fear Street: Part Two – 1978”), Kevin Wayne (“The Outsider”), Danielle Coyne (“Bad Apples”), Natalie Victoria (“Dead Heads”) and Britt George (“True Blood”).

Welcome Villain’s head of production Dan Clifton is producing the film. Executive producers include Welcome Villian’s head of development Luke LaBeau, head of creative Eric Kleifield and head of operations Bonner Bellew. Justin Brown of Bespoke Production Capital is also executive producing.

“I’ve had the pleasure of producing alongside several horror masters in my career, and DiBlasi is the real deal,” Clifton said. “From the onset he had a clear vision of what he wanted, and a very firm grasp on how to execute his ambitious and terrifying creation.”

LaBeau adds, “We’re honored to have partnered with Anthony and Scott to bring this expansive reimagining to life. Moviegoers should buckle up and prepare for a vicious, unrelenting nightmare with a powerhouse leading performance from the supremely talented Jessica Sula. Regardless of your expectations for this film, I promise you, you’re not ready for what’s in store.”

Kleifield is promising deeper mythology and bigger scares in the reboot.

“This time around, the world is larger, the characters and mythology are richer, and the scares are cranked up to eleven, featuring masterful SFX makeup by Russell FX, and stunning cinematography by Sean McDaniel,” he said.

Welcome Villain Films, a studio specializing in genre fare, launched earlier in 2022 as a fully integrated shop to develop, produce, market and distribute movies. In addition to “Last Shift,” it’s also working on an untitled slasher project from the creators of “The Houses October Built.”

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