Spielberg's 'The Fabelmans' nominated for 7 Oscars

STORY: Steven Spielberg's new film ‘The Fabelmans’ is nominated for seven Oscars

including Best Picture and Best Director

The movie is based on a true story of his childhood

growing up as an aspiring filmmaker

[Steven Spielberg/Director]

“This is a very personal story, it’s the first time I’ve taken privacy public. I’ve never done that, you don’t see me doing that a lot in my life, and this was a story that I thought had some merit - about my mom and my dad and my sisters, my formative years growing up in three states. This is a big universal reflection, I think, of everybody everywhere with siblings, with parents, with problems at school, with a passion, a hobby, something that becomes a career, so I think there’s a lot of universal truths in the story we’re telling.''

‘The Fabelmans’ continues to win plaudits despite making only $36.5 million globally

It won best movie drama at the Golden Globe Awards

with Spielberg also awarded Best Director