'Spider-Man' Scales Manhattan Bridge During New York Protests

A figure in a Spider-Man costume was seen scaling part of the Manhattan Bridge during protest marches in New York on June 2.

In this video, showing the Spider-Man figure perched on an arch at the entrance of the bridge, a voice can be heard saying: “You mess with one of us, you mess with all of us.” The line was taken from a scene in the first Spider-Man film in which New Yorkers defend the superhero from the Green Goblin.

The Spider-Man figure can then be seen holding up a sign that reads “black lives matter” and saluting the crowd.

Protesters had reportedly been barred from leaving the bridge with police blockading the bridge at either end. The stand-off came after an 8 pm curfew, introduced by Mayor Bill de Blasio, came into effect.

Demonstrators were later reported to have been allowed to leave the bridge in Brooklyn, and no arrests were made. Credit: Anya Volz via Storyful