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Disney and Sony recently agreed to bring several Spider-Man movies to Disney+, with some available Friday and others in May — a deal that will work favorably for Disney+, according to Parrot Analytics data, which takes into account consumer research, streaming, downloads and social media, among other engagement.

Spider-Man is one of the few Marvel characters Disney doesn’t have rights to, because of a licensing deal that dates back to 1999, a decade before Disney bought Marvel. While the new deal doesn’t include the rights to stream new Spider-Man films immediately after their theatrical release, subscribers to Disney+ will still have access to a set of older Spider-Man movies that continue to be popular with American audiences.

Most in-demand superhero movies, Jan.-April 2023, U.S. (Parrot Analytics)
Most in-demand superhero movies, Jan.-April 2023, U.S. (Parrot Analytics)

Two Spider-Man titles were among the top 10 most in-demand superhero movies in 2023. “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” released in 2021, was the second most in-demand, with demand more than 50 times higher than the average movie during that period. The other title, “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse,” continues to have exceptional demand almost five years after its release.

The popularity of the Spider-Man IP cannot be overstated. Looking at the combined demand for Spider-Man movies over the past five years, including the older titles from Tobey Maguire’s trilogy, those starring Andrew Garfield, as well as the more recent ones with Tom Holland, we find that Spider-Man is the second most in-demand superhero IP in the U.S. market, closely following the top IP, Avengers, and with demand 45% higher than Warner Bros. Discovery’s Batman IP.

Most in-demand superhero IP, 2018-2022, U.S. (Parrot Analytics)
Most in-demand superhero IP, 2018-2022, U.S. (Parrot Analytics)

The licensing deal is another step in Disney’s efforts to retain Disney+ subscribers by adding more titles from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which are connected to the many franchise movies already available. When the web-slinger swings into other Marvel films — something Disney negotiated into an updated agreement with Sony — Peter Parker can help keep fans engaged and eagerly anticipating the next installment of the franchise.

Daniel Quinaud is a senior data analyst at Parrot Analytics, a WrapPRO partner. For more from Parrot Analytics, visit the Data and Analysis Hub.

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