'Spice Fanatic' Dad Completes TikTok's 'One Chip Challenge' With Stoic Aplomb

A San Diego dad completed Paqui Chips’ viral ‘One Chip Challenge,’ eating a tortilla chip covered in spice from two of the world’s hottest chili peppers without expressing serious discomfort or unease.

The hashtag #OneChipChallenge, which has garnered over 356 million views on TikTok, features individuals attempting to eat one Paqui chip laced in powder from the stinging Carolina Reaper and Scorpion Pepper.

Patricia Morgan filmed her dad taking part in this heated challenge, showing him shockingly stoic after finishing the chip.

“My dad, who’s originally from Barbados, is a spice fanatic,” Morgan told Storyful. “We have always gifted him hot sauces for Christmas and birthdays, so with all of these spicy challenges, we thought it would be fun to get him to do one,” she added.

After completing the spicy snack challenge, he appears to be unamused before walking away with a glass of milk five minutes later.

According to Paqui’s contest rules, contestants who wait only five minutes to flush out the spice with a drink after completing the challenge are labeled “powerless.” Credit: Patricia Morgan via Storyful

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