Spew-ky Season: Texas Man Creates Vomiting Skeleton Display Ahead of Halloween

A man Texas man got creative with his Halloween decor this year when he set up a “vomiting” skeleton fountain at his home in Weatherford.

Footage by Dakota Shay Howard shows her husband Alex Croy setting up his creation: a large plastic skeleton spewing water into a barrel.

Croy told Storyful that they throw a Halloween party at Great Escapes in Perrin, Texas, every year, and that there is a competition for the best decorated cabin.

“So every year I try to make more decor so we will continue to win 1st place. [W]e saw a photo on the internet gave us the idea, so we bought a fountain pump and hose and ordered the skeleton and put it together. The water can be any color, we just did water with red food coloring,” he said.

According to Croy, they plan to use the skeleton as a drinks dispenser for the party.

“We try to make something every year and keep adding it. Our skeleton isn’t finished. We have to decorate him some more when it gets closer to Halloween. Plan on adding fog machine and some lights,” he told Storyful. Credit: Dakota Shay Howard via Storyful

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