Spencer Matthews joins Jamie Laing ahead of Spain wedding after ‘upsetting’ London snub

Jamie Laing has reunited with best friend Spencer Matthews ahead of his Spanish wedding ceremony to Sophie Habboo.

The former Made in Chelsea star and McVities heir tied the knot with his long-term partner last month, in an intimate event in London.

However, fans were surprised when Laing’s former co-star Matthews, nor his wife Vogue Williams, were in attendance.

While Laing was apologetic and spoke of the exclusion as a mere oversight, onlookers wondered whether Matthews’ non-attendance was an indication of a rift in the friendship.

However, in a photo shared on social media on Friday (19 May) Laing and Matthews smiling together among a group of other friends ahead of the second ceremony on Saturday (20 May).

“Calm before the wedding,” Laing, 34, wrote as a caption to the Instagram post. Other images showed him and Habboo with their other guests, preparing for their imminent nuptials.

Laing’s followers were quick to note Matthews’ presence. “Spencer got the invite this time,” wrote one in the comments section, while another fan similarly remarked: “You remembered to invite Spencer then,” with a starry-eyed emoji.

Laing and Habboo will marry for the second time in Seville, in front of a larger group of friends and family. Matthews will be the master of ceremonies, a key role in ensuring that the day’s festivities run smoothly.

Jamie Laing and Spencer Matthews ahead of Laing’s wedding (Instagram / Jamie Laing)
Jamie Laing and Spencer Matthews ahead of Laing’s wedding (Instagram / Jamie Laing)

On the 24 April episode of Laing and Habboo’s podcast NearlyWeds, Laing explained why Matthews and Williams were not invited to the London civil event, putting it down to the hectic nature of wedding planning.

“Amongst the hectic-ness of getting people there and things like that, I thought Spencer and Vogue were away. Spencer got upset, which is fair enough.

“So I sent Vogue a message hoping to get a bit of support and then she replied, ‘To be honest Jamie, it’s not good’. And I was like, ‘F***’.”

Matthews then confirmed that his feelings had been hurt by the snub and that he would have changed his travel plans had he been asked.

“To be honest, Jamie, you’re my best friend in the world. Which is why I think it hurt so much,” he said.

“If it was anyone else… For your wedding, I would fly three times around the world to come to it because I care about you so much.”