Spencer Matthews ‘ashamed’ of break up scene with Louise on Made In Chelsea

Spencer Matthews has said that he regretted his behaviour on E4’s reality TV show Made In Chelsea.

Reflecting on the scene where he and Louise Thompson broke up, which aired in 2013, Matthews told Elizabeth Day on her podcast How To Fail, that he was “embarrassed” about his stint on the reality TV show.

In the break up scene, the pair are standing on the south bank of London’s River Thames, when Matthew shouts: “it’s f****** hard for me to respect you when you allow me to cheat on you,” at which point Thompson attempts to hit him over the head.

Reflecting on the scene, the 32-year-old said that he was “ashamed” of his behaviour in the scene.

Matthews explained that he and Thompson had actually broken up in private conversation the night before the episode was filmed, and were then told to meet the next day by the show’s producers.

He said: “So I had actually broken up with Louise the night before and I told her about the next scene and she came in steaming hot breaking up with me instead and I was like ‘this isn’t real anymore!’”

The reality TV star-turned-entrepreneur said that he was struggling with issues of alcoholism while he was appearing on the show, which affected his mindset and behaviour.

“At the time I was a heavy drinker and there was a change in the wind and our relationship was very toxic at the time and it meant we had a huge screaming match that I really regret,” he said.

Spencer is now married to Irish TV presenter Vogue Williams, who he met on Channel 4’s ‘The Jump’ (Getty)
Spencer is now married to Irish TV presenter Vogue Williams, who he met on Channel 4’s ‘The Jump’ (Getty)

Matthews clarified that he and Thompson are no longer friends but he has “no hard feelings towards her”. He continued: “I wish her all the best but it was a shame I yelled at her that way because I feel embarrassed about it.”

He continued, explaining that he dislikes being associated with his “former self” in Made In Chelsea.“I hate being known as Spencer from Made In Chelsea I hate it,” he said. “I don’t like reality TV. I am ashamed and embarrassed at some of my actions, I wish I had cared what people thought of me at that time.”

Matthews and Thompson dated sporadically for the first few seasons of Made In Chelsea before finally breaking up in 2013. Matthews left the show in 2015 after securing a place on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.

Later in the podcast, Matthews revealed that it would be “impossible” for him to be “friends” with his former self, who was heavily drinking while on the show. Matthews shared that once he stopped drinking, he was able to “hold serious conversations” and grow as a person.

“My relationship with alcohol was really detrimental to me,” he said, adding that it’s a “misconception” if people believe that his time on the reality TV show marked his “fun years” revealing that they were actually “problematic”.

Spencer is now married to Irish TV presenter Vogue Williams, who he met in 2017 on Channel 4’s The Jump. The pair share three children Otto, seven months, Theodore, four, and daughter Gigi, two.

Meanwhile, Thompson is engaged to personal trainer Ryan Libbey with the pair welcoming their first child Leo in 2021.