New species found in Bolivian Andes

A lilliputian frog and four butterfly species

are among new and old species found in the Bolivian Andes

Courtesy: Trond Larsen, Conservation International

DR. TROND LARSEN, CONSERVATION INTERNATIONAL, SAYING: "The findings of the RAP expedition to the Zongo valley in Bolivia were really extraordinary. We were quite surprised at the number of species that we found, and they're new to science as well as rediscovered species. These findings are of enormous importance to Bolivia and to the world."

The expedition also located devil-eyed frogs

and a small flowering tree called Alzatea verticillata

EDUARDO FORNO, CONSERVATION INTERNATIONAL SAYING: "The incredible thing about finding new species when you enter a forest is to realize that the forest is healthy, I think that's the main message. A healthy forest is a forest that is going to have wonderful species like the ones we have found in Zongo. It's going to have a lot more species than what have been registered. 1,700 have been registered."