Spate of 'frightening' crow attacks in south London neighbourhood

Spate of 'frightening' crow attacks in south London neighbourhood

People in a south London neighbourhood have experienced a spate of crow attacks.

A string of aggressive incidents involving the birds in Dulwich reportedly saw one schoolgirl left bleeding following an attack and a pram-pushing mother forced to flee another.

Footage posted to X, formerly Twitter, showed a cyclist chased by two crows and letting out a cry while being attacked by one bird.

Bridget Furst, chair of the Dulwich Residents' Association, visited Townley Road last week after being alerted to the attacks.

She told Southwark News saw the crows circling and a woman with a pushchair “running away.”

She told the publication: “The danger is that sweeping down on a cyclist could knock them into a car – it’s unexpected.

“Last year someone was hospitalised.”

Ingrid Davidson told Southwark News that her daughter and a friend were attacked by a crow earlier this month

“They were walking along eating some chips and it attacked them from behind,” she said . “They ran across the road but it followed and attacked again.”

“She and her friend have been very brave about it but it was pretty frightening.”

Other residents said they have experience similar occurrences on Townley Road. The road is home to top London private school Alleyn’s.

It is thought the Dulwich road is where a nest currently lies.

A local, who wishes to be kept anonymous said: “I was quietly walking along [Townley Road during the evening] … from the Lordship Lane end and a crow swooped down and clawed my head and then swooped at me several more times until I could get far enough away to be left alone.”Crows are known to be extra protective of their young between the months of May and June.