Spanish worshippers attend Corpus Christi procession

STORY: Fervent devotees braved temperatures of up to 39 degrees Celsius (102.2F) to catch a glimpse of a Jesus effigy as it was carried on the shoulders of worshippers in a procession beginning at Toledo’s cathedral.

Souvenir shop owner Julio Alonso shared a local saying about the heat during the Catholic celebration in the city: "there are three Thursdays that are brighter than the sun, holy Thursday, Corpus Christi and Ascension Day."

"We have to bear with it, you have to live it. It is always warm," the 58-year-old businessman added, while holding a sword up in the air to pay his respect to the procession.

Corpus Christi celebrates the belief in the presence of Jesus Christ in the Holy Communion - bread and wine representing Christ's body and blood - and takes place the Thursday after Trinity Sunday.

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