Spanish Town's Main Square Deserted as Coronavirus Lockdown Enforced

The main square of Igualada, a town in Spain’s Catalonia region, was deserted on March 13 as authorities began enforcing restrictive quarantine measures on the town to battle the nation’s coronavirus outbreak.

The Catalonian police announced four towns — including Igualada, Santa Margarida de Montbui, Òdena and Vilanova del Camí — would be placed under quarantine on March 13. Under the restrictive measure nobody would be allowed to leave the area.

Police urged people to confine themselves at home to minimize the risk of the coronavirus spreading.

There were 825 new cases of coronavirus in Spain confirmed on March 13, bringing the total to 2965 confirmed cases, and 84 total deaths from the virus as of March 13, according to the World Health Organization. Credit: Ramon V Icens via Storyful