Spanish startup serves up 3D printed steaks

3D-printed veggie steaks could be coming to a plate near you.

Barceolona-based startup Novameat is cranking up production as demand for plant-based products around the world soars.

Developed in 2018, Novameat’s technology replicates the muscle fibers of animal meat - using 100% plant-based ingredients.

Novameat is driven by environmental reasons, according to business development manager, Alexandre Campos, who says one of the company’s goals is to combat the impact of cattle feeding and defend animal welfare.

"The idea behind this is to try to solve all of these issues that animal meat industry brings to our planet, to the animals and to our health. So that's why we're trying to bring to the consumer more options of food for them to replace animal meat for something that is better for the planet, for ourselves and for the animals."

The company intends to sell its ‘steaks’ directly to consumers, and also to restaurants interested in making meat-alternative food themselves.

Attendees of the Barcelona's Mobile World Congress got to try a few bites.

"It didn't have the feeling of a traditional steak but I was pleasantly surprised because I did not expect that the texture would be so well achieved, it is the first time Ihave tried it and I thought it was still in a more basic phase, but I was very surprised by both the taste and the texture."

With further developments in the technology, Novameat said it might one day be possible to produce up to 500 kilograms of fake meat per hour.

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