Spanish police divers search harbour for missing X Factor star

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Police divers in Spain have begun searching a harbour for the body of missing X Factor star Levi Davis.

Mossos d’Esquadra, the regional force in Catalonia, released a video of its officers searching the port of Barcelona – near to where Mr Davis vanished last October.

They are also combing the Llobregat Delta wetland zones near the Catalan capital for the former Bath Rugby player.

A spokesman for the Mossos d’Esquadra said: “A search is taking place for the man last seen on October 29 in Barcelona port and the Llobregat Delta. It’s being conducted by the Mossos’ Maritime Police and the Aquatic Unit.

“It’s an underwater search with the Maritime Police in the boats and the divers involved belonging to the aquatic unit.

“The search is taking place because of the possibility this person could have fallen into the water, from information received following his disappearance, around the time he was last seen.”

A local investigating judge is understood to have authorised the searches.

They come shortly after Mr Davis’ family revealed last month that police had told them they feared he had drowned.

Levi Davis’ mother has previously asked people and the press to refrain from printing conspiracy theories (ITV)
Levi Davis’ mother has previously asked people and the press to refrain from printing conspiracy theories (ITV)

Mr Davis, who appeared on the Celebrity X-Factor in 2019, was last seen in The Old Irish Pub in Barcelona on 29 October 2022, having left the UK for Ibiza after suffering an injury.

Around the time he disappeared, four members of cruise liner MSC Bellissima said they had spotted a man in the water as the ship was docking in Barcelona.

The men said he was wearing the same light-coloured top as Mr Davis and was shouting for help in English.

A lifebuoy was thrown to him and a rescue operation was mounted.

It lasted a day before being called off after it was confirmed that no one was missing from the cruise liner and no one had been reported missing in port waters or in the sea off Barcelona.

The mystery surrounding his disappearance has prompted wild conspiracy theories, something his family have pleaded with people and the press not to share.

In a statement released in March, his family said gang involvement was “not being considered or investigated at this time”.

They spoke after Catalan police reportedly said there were “disturbing” issues with “no logical explanation” to his disappearance, and a specialist crime unit was said to be taking over the probe.