Spanish FM Albares: Recognising the state of Palestine 'a matter of pure humanity'

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez met with Palestinian Authority prime minister Mohammad Mustafa and leading officials from several Middle Eastern countries in Madrid on Wednesday after Spain, Ireland and Norway recognised a Palestinian state. Although the diplomatic move by the three Western European nations on Tuesday was slammed by Israel and will have little immediate impact on its grinding war in Gaza, it was nonetheless a victory for the Palestinians and could encourage other Western powers to follow suit. FRANCE 24's Nadia Massih spoke with Spanish Foreign Minister José Manuel Albares about the decision.

Speaking to FRANCE 24's Nadia Massih, Spanish Foreign Affairs Minister José Manuel Albares explained that Spain had led the charge to recognise the state of Palestine amid the Israel-Hamas war because "we have to protect the two-state solution, and to recognise the state of Palestine is the best way to do it".

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In addition to this diplomatic move, Albares told FRANCE 24 that Spain has called for a worldwide peace conference whose objective will be focused not simply on calling for a two-state solution but on its implementation.

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