Spanish build migrant camp as authorities struggle

The Spanish military has set up a camp to ease pressure on more than 2,000 migrants stranded at a harbor on the Spanish island of Gran Canaria.

Local authorities have become overwhelmed after a wave of arrivals trying to reach European shores during recent days.

A wave of people fleeing from mainly African countries arrived earlier this week, before the camp of 23 tents with capacity for just 200 people, was set up alongside an old military warehouse.

With reception centers across the islands stretched to capacity, some have been stuck on the dock for days.

The situation is a similar scene elsewhere on the continent.

Distressing scenes were released by the Spanish Open Arms NGO this week of a dingy carrying around 100 migrants rescued as they crossed the Mediterranean.

Six bodies were later pulled from the sea, including a six-month old baby named Joseph.

The video was released by Open Arms in order to remind of the dangers encountered by migrants during these treacherous ocean crossings.

Although with heightened security in the Mediterranean, more migrants are trying the Atlantic route.

Gran Canaria and the other Canary Islands lie around 60 miles off Morocco's west coast and numbers of migrants journey’s has seen a ten-fold jump this year.

15,404 people have so far braved the perilous Atlantic crossing, but that number is still far from the peak of more than 30,000 arrivals in 2006.