Spain's roller derby skaters champion inclusivity in sport

STORY: “No matter your body, your gender, your sexual orientation… you are welcome.”

These Spanish roller derby skaters champion inclusivity in sport

Location: Barcelona, Spain

‘Ingles de Acero’ (Steel Groin) is a team for women and those who identify as women

in contrast to many sports that run on strict binary terms

(Roller derby skater, Diana Toboso) “I’ve done judo and other martial arts and in general, what I found, once my documents were changed, is that I could compete in the feminine category, the female category, and usually when I competed against women, my female opponents didn’t have any problem with me playing with them, but I found many men that had objections with me playing in the female category.”

“I think all the sports should integrate all people, obviously, but is also cool to find identity and community in different places for everyone.”

Roller derby is growing in popularity around the world

There are around 25 teams in Spain

and over 12,000 leagues worldwide, mainly in the United States

(Roller derby skater, Marina ‘Marinaker’ Quer) “It’s a place where women can be strong, can be violent, can be competitive, can be strategic and I love that.”