Spain trials digital COVID pass to boost nightlife

Their faces may be covered but there’s no hiding their delight

as clubbers in the Spanish city of Girona moved to the beats of house music put on by a live DJ on Saturday (May 1).

It’s the first time in eight months that Girona had some of its nightlife back,

thanks to a pilot digital pass scheme which authorities hope will allow for socializing without spreading coronavirus.

Participants were asked to download an app to their mobile phones and undergo an antigen COVID-19 test,

show a negative PCR test or proof that they had already had coronavirus.

They were then given a digital pass to go to a concert or dine out at five participating restaurants.

The pass is valid for up to 36 hours and costs between $3 - $10.50.

Organizers, Blockchain Centre of Catalonia, hope the scheme will revive Girona’s hospitality sector.

Earlier, organizers said that a trial concert in Barcelona in March where 5,000 people took rapid COVID-19 tests and crammed into a venue without social distancing did not drive up infections,

giving hope for a revival of the live music sector.