Spain sizzles as summer's second heatwave hits

STORY: The roaring summer sun combined with a hot air front from North Africa have sent temperatures soaring, state metereological forecasters AEMET said on Sunday, adding that the heatwave could last until July 14.

The highest recorded temperature on Sunday was 43C (110F) by the Guadalquivir river near Seville in southern Spain and in Badajoz, towards the west of the country, forecasters said.

Madrid registered a high of 39C (102F) in the shade, but outdoor thermometers hit by the sun, like the one near the Puerta de Alcala monument, registered higher temperatures.

At leafy Casa de Campo park, people sat under trees on the banks of the lake and some wore swimming suits.

Dog owner Pili Fernandez told Reuters it was so unbearably hot her dog Bobby didn't want to walk.

"The heat is deathly, we are all melting. I am carrying the dog because it's too hot," she said, before dousing her West Highland terrier with water from a nearby drinking fountain.

For Rasha Bei, a Syrian health executive who lives in Abu Dhabi, the heatwave was an unwelcome surprise on holiday.

AEMET spokesman Ruben del Campo told Reuters that temperatures could touch 44C (111F) in southern Spain during this heatwave.

Del Campo advised people to avoid excessive physical activity, to take care of elderly people with conditions that meant they were sensitive to high temperatures, and to drink plenty of water. He also warned there was a high risk of forest fires during the heatwave.

In June, Spaniards weathered the earliest heatwave since 1981, according to AEMET, with temperatures surpassing 40C (104F) in parts of central and southern Spain.

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