Spain sees third night of protests over jailed rapper

Reuters video footage a barricade burning after it had been set alight by protesters. Firefighters had to intervene when the fire broke out of control near an apartment building. Protesters threw stones to riot police and officers replied by warning them to cease actions.

Hasel, known for his fiercely anti-establishment raps, was arrested on Tuesday to serve a nine-month sentence after police stormed a university in the Catalan city of Lleida where he had barricaded himself.

His detention sparked demonstrations across Catalonia in which one woman lost an eye during clashes with Barcelona police.

The protests intensified on Wednesday night, with riot squads in Madrid, Barcelona and other Catalan cities firing tear gas, foam bullets and sound bombs at demonstrators who hurled projectiles and set fire to bins.

Officials said 33 people were arrested in Catalonia and 19 in Madrid.