Spain hits delivery app with new fine for labor violation

MADRID (AP) — Spain’s labor ministry issued app-based food delivery company Glovo a new fine of 57 million euros ($62 million) on Tuesday for violating labor laws.

The ministry said that Glovo was being punished for not contracting its riders as employees and for giving gigs to irregular immigrants without work permits.

Last year, Glovo was smacked with a 79 million-euro ($86 million) fine for similar infringements of labor laws.

Labor Minister Yolanda Díaz said that recent legislation specifically targets companies that “repeatedly” break the law.

“No company, no matter how large it is, can act outside the law,” Díaz said. “And this is an exemplary case."

In 2021, Díaz successfully championed a new “Riders Law” that classified food delivery riders as employees of the digital platforms they work for, as opposed to self-employed freelancers.

Glovo is a Spanish company that operates in several countries, mostly in Europe.