Space Marine 2 Devs Cancel Beta To Focus On 'Best' Possible Launch

Image: Saber Interactive
Image: Saber Interactive

The developers behind Space Marine 2 have announced that a planned multiplayer beta has been canceled as the team wants to focus all of its attention on the retail game and its launch. And after the last few years, which saw many big games launch in rough shape, this sounds like a smart move.

Announced in 2021, and then delayed in 2023, Space Marine 2 looks pretty dang rad. I’m very excited to check out the third-person shooter when it launches later this year. And I’m not even a big Warhammer 40k guy! I just loved the original Space Marine, which launched on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 in 2011. And this new entry looks to be even bigger and better. But if you were excited to check out the upcoming Space Marine 2 before its launch via a beta, well, bad news: It ain’t happening anymore.

On June 28, developers Saber Interactive confirmed that it was not going to hold a previously planned Space Marine 2 online multiplayer beta test. The devs say that the game is “almost ready” and that they are focused on optimizing, polishing, and fixing any remaining bugs and issues. As such, the devs decided to cancel the beta as they claimed it would take “the development teams away” from preparing for launch.

“We know this is disappointing news for some of you,” said Saber Interactive in a Steam post on Friday. “As a thank you to those interested in participating, players who registered via the online signup before June 28, 2024, midnight Paris Time, will receive the limited Bolt Pistol skin.”

“We appreciate your understanding and continued support as we work towards delivering the exceptional game you deserve,” said Saber.

The now-canceled beta test was first teased in August 2023, with players able to sign up for access on the game’s official website. At the time there was no release date or window for the beta. After that initial tease, however, Saber Interactive went radio silent on the beta, leaving some fans worried about whether it was going to happen at all. Now we know.

On Steam, some fans expressed concern that Saber Interactive was trying to hide the game from players before launch. Others were confused as to why it took so long to announce this news. Personally, I’m hopeful that the team being allowed to focus on finishing and polishing up the main game instead of running a beta will give Space Marine 2 the best chance at launching in solid shape.

We will have to wait and see if canceling the test paid off. Space Marine 2 finally arrives on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC on September 9.


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