Space junk warning from satellite industry boss

STORY: Dangerous levels of space debris could be created

because of the thousands of small low-orbit satellites

planned by the likes of Starlink, Amazon and Chinese operators

The warning comes from the boss of UK satellite company Inmarsat

Quote: Rajeev Suri, CEO Inmarsat

"Mega-constellations are talking about tens of thousands of new satellites during this decade - satellites with an expected life of only five to 10 years. We simply do not yet understand all the risks this creates and do not yet have all the technologies needed to manage the situation effectively."

Huge satellite networks will beam broadband internet

SpaceX-owned Starlink is leading the way

It has over 2,000 and plans 12,000 more

Inmarsat has 14 satellites in geostationary orbit

But it’s also planning a low-orbit constellation

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