Space investor Dylan Taylor reserves a spot for payload on Xplore’s first space mission

Alan Boyle
An artist’s conception shows Xplore’s Xcraft probe near the moon. (Xplore Illustration)

Seattle-based Xplore says space investor and philanthropist Dylan Taylor plans to reserve payload space on its first mission beyond Earth orbit, on behalf of a nonprofit group he founded.

  • Taylor, the chairman and CEO of Colorado-based Voyager Space Holdings, said in a news release that Xplore’s Xcraft multi-mission spacecraft “gives the flexibility needed to design the optimum payload and send it to space.” Xplore said details about the nature of the payload and the financial arrangements for the reservation were confidential for now.
  • Taylor founded Space for Humanity in 2017 to expand access to space and foster a sense of connectedness on Earth. Its marquee program aims to send citizen astronauts on all-expenses-paid journeys to the space frontier.
  • Xplore is working toward sending its Xcraft probes to the moon and other destinations beyond Earth orbit, starting as early as next year. “In the same way that we allow scientists to focus on the science,not the spacecraft, Xplore gives Space for Humanity the freedom to focus on the purpose of their payload and how they plan to support it via meaningful engagement and outreach programs that benefit their organization’s mission,” said Lisa Rich, Xplore’s co-founder and chief operating officer.

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