Space-aged wine could fetch $1 million

This spaced-aged wine could be worth $1 million

Date: May 6, 2021

12 bottles of Petrus 2000 were sent to the ISS in November 2019

as part of an experiment carried out by start-up Space Cargo Unlimited


"So, yes, the conditions were very different from the bottles that were kept here on Earth. So zero gravity, different obviously levels of radiation, different temperature. So the temperature was kept between 18 and 20 degrees. So relatively constant.’’

''I mean, both the space Petrus and the terrestrial Petrus are both tasting fantastically well. But it turns out the ones that were sent into space, they have seemed to evolve more quickly. So with time in bottle evolution, the wines do tend to turn from sort of purple reds when they're really young to mahogany garnet when they're older. So the ones that went into space were slightly more on the sort of mahogany garnet range and also had slightly more tertiary characteristics. So tertiary characteristics are what things like leather, cedar, cigar box that come with bottle maturation and the ones that returned from the International Space Station were slightly more involved. They had more of that tertiary characters."

The bottle will be sold privately through Christie's

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