Spa Esprit Group expands Beauty Emporium with a new clean beauty category

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Beauty Emporium.
Beauty Emporium.

SINGAPORE – Founder of Spa Esprit Group, Cynthia Chua expands the group’s e-commerce platform, Beauty Emporium, with a new clean beauty category named the #AntiNastiesClub. Beauty Emporium aims to offer effective and healthful formulas for body and self, in the realm of health, wellness and beauty.

“It’s always been this personal obsession of mine to find functional cult beauty and wellness products that would be able to positively impact the lives of the people around me. And knowing what ‘nasties’ can do to your skin and health, offering clean beauty products is really just the next natural step,” says Chua.

Clean Beauty is on the rise with increasingly conscious consumers opting for healthier, more natural alternatives that are cruelty-free. A bonus if these healthier alternatives are also sustainable with concerns of the carbon footprint.

The statistics agree. According to GlobalData Consumer Survey Q3 2019, clean beauty has been gaining traction among beauty enthusiasts, with a projected global market growth to US$25.11 billion by 2025, while within Asia-Pacific, 39% of consumers prefer products that use clean and natural ingredients, and 35 per cent list cruelty-free products as a priority.

Some brands you can expect to find at the #AntiNastiesClub include:

Erbaviva baby lotion, body wash and shampoo. (PHOTO: Beauty Emporium)
Erbaviva baby lotion, body wash and shampoo. (PHOTO: Beauty Emporium)


Meaning “living herbs” in Italian, this premium, lifestyle brand offers personal care products, especially for mums and babies, using pure, USDA certified organic ingredients derived from nature such as botanicals, essential oils and herbs to nourish the skin. The brand is also among the few companies globally to achieve B Corp certification and makes and packages its own products in its own clean, green solar-powered manufacturing facility.

Esse Skincare

Esse seeds the skin with live probiotic microbes that compete with pro-ageing species and feeds with prebiotic nutrients to selectively nourish microbes that improve the microbial ecology on the skin.

Understanding that synthetic chemicals pollute the skin’s ecosystem, all their products are certified organic by Ecocert, vegan and cruelty-free. Supporting fair trade and maintaining a carbon-neutral company, Esse believes that mindful products are a step towards an indefinitely sustainable and beautiful future.

Forest Rhapsody

Born out of a desire to create category-defining formulas, Forest Rhapsody believes modern science and ancient wisdom can co-exist harmoniously. On a mission to formulate intelligent and sophisticated skincare solutions that boldly celebrate green chemistry while paying tribute to age-old beauty rituals, creating products that provide both results and a sensory experience.

Luxe Botanics

A natural skincare brand that combines potent, sustainably harvested botanicals and award-winning, high-performance formulations to provide targeted solutions for skin concerns like dryness, dullness and ageing, to keep skin healthy and youthful. The brand also gives back to the communities – the ones that harvest and process their core botanicals, it works with.


Inspired by the beauty of simplicity, W.ANT is an ethical skincare brand that champions non-toxic, multi-tasking natural skincare to protect skin against free radical damage and keep it healthy. Formulated using fair trade and sustainably sourced pure botanical oils and minerals, they are cruelty-free, free from chemicals, synthetic ingredients and water.

To celebrate the launch of the #AntiNastiesClub on Beauty Emporium, first-time shoppers can enjoy 20% discount on all Clean Beauty products with promo code: ‘ANTINASTIES’