New South Wales Farmer Celebrates Drought-Busting Rainfall

Bryce Chapman, a New South Wales farmer, filmed his celebrations as a drought-busting rain fell over his farm, 200 km north of Sydney, on Thursday, January 16.

Chapman’s joy is clear in the selfie video, as he whoops and hollers in the pouring rain. “Let’s get wet!” says Chapman, with a broad smile on his face.

“We have a family farm 200 km north of Sydney that is experiencing the worst drought in living memory,” Chapman told Storyful. “I am hand feeding our cattle to keep them in good condition as they had calves in September and October and now have absolutely no grass to eat in the dry paddocks.”

Chapman said it began raining just half an hour after he had unloaded a truck of hay.

“I suppose the pressure from having hungry cattle that need to be fed by hand just released with the rain and I couldn’t help running around,” Chapman said. “Now hopefully some grass can grow.” Credit: Bryce Chapman via Storyful