South Pole warmed faster than global rate

The South Pole is hotting up

Source: Nature Climate Change

and warmed at three times the global rate

over the last three decades

2018 was its hottest year on record

Data also suggests the South Pole

considered the coldest point on Earth

has a warming rate seven times higher

than the overall average of the continent

Quote: "The South Pole seemed to be isolated from what was going on across the rest of the world... But all of the sudden, it ramps up with rapid warming, some of the strongest warming on the planet," Kyle Clem, Victoria University of Wellington

Scientists say the rise is due to

both natural rising temperatures

and human-induced climate change

Courtesy: Comandante Alejandro Valenzuela Peña - Armada De Chile

Temperature records for the South Pole

only date back about 60 years

and the region's climate is little understood

But although the rapid warming is worrying

its not yet in danger of totally melting

Quote: "These temperature changes are quite striking, but it's still pretty darn cold," Julienne Stroeve, Climatologist

Courtesy: Instituto Antartico Chileno