South Korean actor Yoo Ahn-in faces second arrest warrant, accused of allegedly hiding drug use

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 19 — South Korean actor Yoo Ah-in is facing a second arrest warrant after being suspected of hiding evidence of drug use.

The Seoul Central District Prosecutors Office laid more charges against Yoo yesterday for allegedly destroying evidence and forcing witnesses to change their testimonies, The Korea Herald reported.

According to a statement by the Prosecutors Office, the actor was sharing his investigation status with his accomplices and threatened them to leave the country or change their testimonies.

The prosecution also accused Yoo of reportedly illegally buying over 1,000 sleeping pills by using the names of other patients and using cocaine and marijuana with four other people while in the US in January 2023.

The actor’s management, United Artist Agency, has yet to release a statement.

In February, the 36-year-old was not allowed to leave the country after he was being investigated by the police over alleged drug use.

Yoo tested positive for marijuana after he was accused of consuming an anaesthetic drug propofol 73 times in 2021.

Propofol is a strong sleep-inducing anaesthetic drug also known as 'milk of amnesia' and has a history of being misused by Korean celebrities

The actor, whose real name is Uhm Hong-sik was later charged with habitually taking over eight types of drugs after testing and police investigations.

In March, the actor posted a statement on Instagram admitting that he had used marijuana in the past, adding that he was ‘greatly ashamed’ and ‘embarrassed’ for hurting his supporters.

The prosecution released their first arrest warrant in May, believing that Yoo would flee the country or destroy evidence after police questioning, but it was rejected by the district court.

Yoo starred in films like Burning (2018), Voice of Silence (2020), and Seoul Vibe (2022).