South Korea truck strike starts to hit chipmakers

STORY: The truckers’ strike in South Korea is starting to bite chipmakers.

Supplies of a key chemical used in making semiconductors are now being disrupted.

That’s according to the Korea International Trade Association.

It said Tuesday (June 14) that supplies to China of a chemical used in the cleaning of chip wafers had been hit.

About a week’s worth of shipments from one firm have been delayed.

A Reuters source at another major petrochemical company said its shipments were affected too.

The source said only an “essential amount” was being let through.

For now, analysts still expect the strike to have only a limited impact on South Korean chipmakers though.

Industry leaders Samsung and SK Hynix both keep about three months of inventory on hand, meaning they haven’t yet faced disruption.

Even so, the latest news will fuel concern over a new threat to global chip supplies.

The truckers’ union is protesting against soaring fuel prices, and demanding guarantees of minimum pay.

It’s vowed to continue the strike after four failed rounds of talks with the government.

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