South Korea’s fight for green onion cereal


"It has a strong smell and tastes of green onion. But I think it would have been better if it had tasted stronger."

This is green onion cereal

and it comes with a taste of democracy

Location: South Korea

A Kellogg's Korea competition in 2004

saw chocolate-flavored Cheki

and green onion-flavored Chaka

'fighting' for the Chex Choco Empire

and a spot on the cereal box

When Cheki won, Chaka fans cried foul

and have been arguing for his return since

(SOUNDBITE) (Korean) 24-YEAR-OLD SOUTH KOREAN STUDENT, CHOI MIN-YEOL, SAYING:"The vote for Chex cereal flavors was just to get attention so frankly speaking the company did not have to do this. I think it's a good decision that the company kept its word, even though it's been a decade or so."

Chaka's success was so momentous

that it become the top trending topic

on South Korean social media

The limited edition cereal sold out

in two days after it hit online stores