South Korea braces for 'very strong' typhoon

STORY: Strong winds and high waves pounded the port on South Korea's Jeju Island on Monday (September 5) as the country raised its typhoon-alert level to its highest with the nearing of typhoon Hinnamnor - the first time in five years.

Traveling northward at a speed of 15 mph, Hinnamnor is expected to make landfall southwest of the port city of Busan early on Tuesday (September 6).

President Yoon Suk-yeol said he would be on emergency standby, a day after ordering authorities to do their best to minimize damage from the typhoon.

It's the second bout of heavy rains the country is facing since deadly floods in August.

Bang Chung-Il owns a laundry shop in Seoul.

"We prepared water stoppers and sandbags. So, if it rains a lot, then we will act promptly as we want to avoid damage, unlike last time. We don't want more damage. We suffered so much last time."

South Korea classifies typhoons in four categories – normal, strong, very strong, super strong.

"Very strong" typhoons like Hinnamnor have wind speeds of up to 53 meters per second. That's 118 miles per hour.

No casualties have yet been reported, though more than 100 people have been evacuated and some facilities have been damaged by floods.

Authorities say the Typhoon is on a course that will take it northeast toward Japan.

The south of the country was already being pounded with heavy rain and strong winds on Monday.