Sound of flight: Malaysia Airlines’ ASMR audio reminds you what it’s like to travel

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Remember what it was like to hold on to your passports and listen to airport announcements and screaming kids as you wait to board the plane? If you can’t recall that, maybe your senses can.

Malaysia Airlines recently put up an audio recording capturing all the sounds you might hear if you were departing for London’s Heathrow from Kuala Lumpur onboard the national carrier. As Malaysia continued to be under lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 30-minute sonic journey turned out to be just the thing some Malaysians needed for a little bit of escape.

“I physically cried upon hearing the KLIA announcement/chime sound. And then continued sobbing nostalgically till the end of the vid,” one of the listeners wrote online, while another said: “Wow, this is refreshing to see an official upload of these sounds … ”

The audio takes you through familiar sounds of a busy Kuala Lumpur International Airport – from the waiting hall to boarding flight MH4 and traveling towards the U.K. It is best listened to with headphones on for the full ASMR – autonomous sensory meridian response – effect. Since the clip went up on YouTube Tuesday, it has gotten nearly 45,000 views.

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