Will you soon be watching TikTok videos in waiting rooms?

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There's really no escaping TikTok now. In the United States, the social network has plans to move into the public space. In addition to its presence on our phones, TikTok videos may soon be broadcast in hotels and other public waiting areas. Here's the lowdown.

The television screens permanently on in waiting rooms or in hotels and other public places could soon be showing something other than the national networks or a 24-hour news channel. TikTok has signed a partnership with Atmosphere, a start-up specializing in curating content to be broadcast for ambiance in restaurants, hotel lobbies or waiting rooms, TechCrunch reported. The Chinese social network will now have the right to its own broadcast channel, Atmosphere has indicated. TikTok has already tried to break the smartphone barrier by offering a version for TVs.

"TikTok has become a destination for more than a billion people to be entertained, get inspired, and find community," said Dan Page, head of global business development, New Screens at TikTok, in a press release . "By partnering with Atmosphere, we're excited to make it easy for people to experience TikTok together by bringing the joy and creativity of our platform to new screens, venues, and audiences."

Start-up Atmosphere has doubled its presence during 2021 to reach more than 19,000 restaurants, gyms, bars, and doctors' waiting rooms. Its content can be found at Taco Bell and Texas Roadhouse restaurants as well as Westin hotels, among others.

"Everyone is constantly on the go and on their phones, so we developed a hyper-entertaining streaming TV platform with Atmosphere, which elevates the vibe of any business. This is a win-win for the business and their customers as well as advertisers, who are having a harder time connecting with an unreachable TV audience," outlined Leo Resig, CEO and co-founder of Atmosphere, in the release.

According to Atmosphere , showing TikTok in public spaces on screens managed by the start-up can increase business by 14%. Offering videos available on social networks may be a smart move since a study showed that Americans now spend as much time watching videos on social networks as they do watching TV.

As for compensating the content creators, TechCrunch notes that the start-up Atmosphere asks for consent and works out a contract with the creators involved before using their content. They then use the videos, usually removing the audio present before adding their own. Atmosphere has shared a preview of what this new TikTok channel will be like. Note that the name of the creator is always visible on the screen, offering new exposure for the creator which could potentially allow them to develop more business.

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