Will you soon be seeing these transparent screens on your commute and while dining out?

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LG will soon unveil transparent OLED screens that can be used in restaurants.

South Korean brand LG has been working on transparent OLED screen technology for years now and will be using the CES 2021 show, taking place online from January 11, to present its latest innovations in the domain -- which you could soon be encountering in public places or in your own home.

This year's edition of the biggest consumer electronics show worldwide will be the virtual launchpad for LG's transparent OLED technology, designed for very practical uses.

In homes, in a near future, this type of transparent and movable screen will be able to be placed at the foot of a bed. The device can display practical information such as weather conditions or traffic or a film. You can make it rise from its frame with the click of a button, no need to clutter your bedroom -- the OLED screen does not require any further equipment.

Meanwhile, in the subway, such screens will be able to replace traditional windows onboard trains for passengers to consult maps while still enjoying the passing scenery. Such technology could eventually end up in other means of transportation such as planes or cars.

This type of transparent screen could also come in handy at restaurants, to display menus or to maintain eye contact between staff and clients during this era of social distancing as it allows communication to take place while offering a safe barrier from viruses. These screens could also be used to broadcast sports events in bars and restaurants.

LG is planning to present these practical uses during the upcoming CES, while the firm has yet to announce when the implementation of such technology would take place.