Soon, Google Assistant could commit anything and everything to Memory

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One day, Google Assistant could become users' own virtual memory.

Google Assistant is reportedly getting ready to launch a major new feature called Memory. The new function appears to be a clever mix of reminders, to-do lists and Pinterest-style pin board collections. Its interest could be to collect a maximum of information to further hone future recommendations.

The idea behind Memory, according to American website 9to5Google, would be to turn Google Assistant into a virtual memory for users, saving a wide range of content (contacts, meetings, upcoming events, notes, links, pictures, music, video, recipes, screenshots, etc.) for later use, if and when necessary. It should therefore be possible to "commit to Memory" an unprecedented variety of information, and then access this at any time to search, sort or look again at saved items.

As needed, the assistant should be able to enrich saved entries by preserving contextual information or by suggesting contextually relevant actions like Search flight status, Watch Trailer, Open Chat, Cooking time (for recipes), etc.

To store all these things in "Memory," users will use a new, as-yet unknown command. It also appears to be possible to tag each saved item in different categories, like "important" or "read later," to help the Assistant keep everything organized.

Memory is currently being tested by a handful of Google employees in the US. No official information has been released about its eventual roll-out.

David Bénard