Sony's India Hero Project wants to find grassroots game devs and aid them

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 PlayStation India Hero Project
PlayStation India Hero Project

Sony is launching a new program to find promising new game developers in India.

Dubbed the 'India Hero Project,' the new program is available right now to any game developer or studio based in India. "This incubator program aims to identify promising local developers and support them in bringing compelling gaming experiences to global gaming communities," Sony's announcement reads.

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"Through mentorship, training, and project-based investment, PlayStation strives to lower the barrier of entry and showcase the most incredible talents emerging from India," the announcement further reads, committing to taking in developers from low-income backgrounds.

There's obviously zero guarantee that anyone who applies in India will be accepted into the program. It's not hard to imagine Sony has limited spaces and resources dedicated to the India Hero Project, right now at least, but the only criteria for developers to register is that they're based in India.

With this being the only barrier to entry, the India Hero Project could open new doors for game developers throughout India. Here's hoping other publishing companies look to Sony's initiative as inspiration to mentor young and growing game development talent around the world.

If you want a taste of what Indian game development looks like, we can't recommend Raji: An Ancient Epic enough. The 2020 action-adventure game was developed in Maharashtra, India, and takes players on a brilliant tour through Indian culture and religion, complete with sublime fast-paced combat.

In terms of future games from Indian developers though, you should definitely keep an eye on Venba, an Indian cooking narrative game which is coming to consoles later this year.