Sony PS5 sells out online before Thursday launch

Sony's new Playstation 5 had already sold out online before it launched in Japan, the U.S. and elsewhere on Thursday (November 12).

The company had anticipated high demand for the curvy, 15-inch tall machine thanks to a spike in video game sales during this year's global health crisis.

So, to avoid large crowds in stores, Sony limits meant the only eager gamers in Japan picking up their new machines were those who had pre-ordered.

In Japan, some big retailers held lotteries to distribute what limited stock they had.

Officiallly the PS5 costs 500 U.S. dollars but on launch day, Japan's flea market platform Mercari had listings selling at more than 900.

The PS5 offers cutting edge graphics that make light and shadow look more real, faster load times, and a new controller with feedback that can let you physically feel things happening on-screen.

Analysts expect the shortage of Sony and Microsoft gaming consoles to last into 2021.

Microsoft launched two new Xboxes on Tuesday with its initial supply of preorders selling out fast.

The stakes are high for Sony, though, games are its biggest cash cow.

Last fiscal year, its gaming division won nearly a third of Sony's total profit.