Sony delays superhero film 'Morbius'

Sony has delayed the release of one of its biggest upcoming movies.

The studio announced Monday (January 3) that superhero film 'Morbius' would now appear in April, after it was first due to hit cinemas this month.

The movie stars Oscar-winner Jared Leto as a scientist who becomes a vampire after an experiment goes wrong.

It was projected to do big numbers at the box office.

Sony's decision is a setback for movie theater operators as they try to recover from closures during the health crisis.

Chains like AMC, Cinemark and Cineworld have recently celebrated big ticket sales for Sony's 'Spider-Man: No Way Home'.

That is still playing in cinemas, but operators have few other big titles due out until spring.

The new postponement comes amid fears that people will be reluctant to go to the cinema as case numbers soar again.

Some fear audiences might not feel comfortable in theaters and will stay away.

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