Sony is bringing PSVR 2 support to a close with only two games in development, according to report

 PSVR 2.
Credit: Sony

It's being reported that Sony is drastically scaling back its funding for PSVR 2 as well as first-party VR games for the headset.

The report comes from Android Central, where it's claimed that sources close to the outlet are suggesting that Sony is "making deep cuts" to VR game funding internally. Additionally, a second source told Android Central that just a couple of PSVR 2 games are in the works at Sony. What those games are, or if they'll ever even be released, remains to be seen.

Sony is releasing a PSVR 2 PC adapter this August, which will allow owners of the VR headset to hook it up to a PC for compatibility with SteamVR titles. It'll cost $59.99 / £49.99, and it's great that Sony is offering an option to expand PSVR 2 compatibility, but the announcement of the accessory did seem to cast a dark cloud over the headset's future.

When PSVR 2 launched early in 2023, it did get off to a promising start with a solid launch line-up including Horizon: Call of the Mountain, and eventual support for Gran Turismo 7 and Resident Evil 4's exceptional remake. The recent addition of PSVR 2 games to the PS Plus Premium catalog is also great for headset owners looking for new games without spending too much cash.

However, the PSVR 2's eye-watering price tag of $549.99 / £529.99 was never going to sit well with most consumers, especially given it was even more expensive than the PS5 console itself. It's far from the most expensive VR headset on the market, of course, but when even Meta Quest 3 undercuts it and is far more versatile thanks to its wireless, standalone nature, it makes Sony's headset a very tough sell even for PS5 owners.

It'll be a shame if the reports are true and Sony really is looking to cease active support for PSVR 2. The silver lining could be that a permanent price drop will be in its future - this could allow the brand to at least sell through the stock and give more PS5 owners the chance to try out what is a genuinely excellent headset.

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