Sons of the Forest predecessor sees huge sales surge on PlayStation

 Sons of the Forest
Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest's predecessor has seen a big uptick in sales on PlayStation devices since its successor launched earlier this month.

Sons of the Forest is, if you didn't already know, preceded by The Forest, a horror-themed survival sim on PC and consoles. A recent PlayStation Blog post revealed the original Forest was one of the most popular PS4 game purchases in the whole of February 2023, coming in at eighth and third in the US and UK sales charts respectively.

The sales surge was probably helped by The Forest being on sale for the better part of February. In the UK at least, the original game was reduced to merely £5, a hugely convincing price point for anyone intrigued by the new survival horror game on PC, but perhaps without a rig good enough to run it.

Right now at least, Sons of the Forest is only available on PC, and in an early access release format at that. Perhaps if PS5 and PS4 players were intrigued by the new game, but not enough to shell out $30 for an early access game, they might've been more inclined to try out the original Forest instead.

Meanwhile for Sons of the Forest though, it's already proved an incredibly popular successor. Players have got weirdly attached to loveable doofus sidekick Kelvin, and then subsequently mourned the loss of Kelvin's true nature after a recent patch stopped him cutting down treehouses. He's a dedicated rogue, that Kelvin.

Oh, and if you were wondering about the single best-selling PS4 game for the month of February on the PlayStation Network, look no further than The Last of Us Part 2. Just as the HBO series drew to a close this past weekend with The Last of Us episode nine, viewers were probably pretty keen to know what might come next in season two.

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