Sonia Sui hasn't seen downstairs neighbours since conflict





17 Mar – Sonia Sui recently made her first public appearance since the conflict with her neighbours made the news, telling the media that she hasn't seen the neighbours for a while now.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the Taiwanese actress, who spoke about the previous issue with her downstairs neighbours at a brand event on 15 March, shared that the incident still casts a shadow on her three kids, Max, Lucy and Olie.

Earlier in February, it was revealed that Sonia and her family were having a conflict with their downstairs neighbours, who accused her three children of making lots of noises in the early morning and late at night. Not only did they call the police twice on the family, the couple also resorted to taking out a civil suit against Sonia and her husband.

"I haven't seen the neighbours for a long time, but I haven't heard about them moving away," she said.

Sonia also stated that the issue between the two parties has already been resolved and that there will be no more court cases in the future.

Asked how her children are doing, the actress said that the kids are still afraid, and that they would be extremely quiet in the lift when it reaches the seventh floor where the neighbours live.

Sonia added that the family will not be moving away because of the incident, as they also cherish all the other good neighbours in the community.

"There are neighbours who have lived there for more than ten or 20 years who would come and tell me not to leave. I am very grateful to some of them, who sometimes would praise my kids when they see them," she said.

Sonia had since spoken up, saying that the said neighbours had made a lot of demands and had even acted the same way with the previous tenants. Sonia and her family moved into the apartment in July last year.



Sonia said her children are still traumatised by the neighbours
Sonia said her children are still traumatised by the neighbours



(Photo Source: Sonia Sui IG)