Here Are All the Songs in ‘Ginny & Georgia’ Season 2

Dynamic mother-daughter and best friend duo Ginny (Antonia Gentry) and Georgia Miller (Brianne Howey) return in “Ginny & Georgia” Season 2, which gets even more chaotic than the already very complex first season of the Netflix show. Another of Georgia’s past loves enters the mix, she commits some more questionable actions and many other twists and turns develop within the 10 hour-long episodes.

Ginny and her friends are no strangers to the TikTok scene, so some song choices reflect Gen Z’s poppy preferences. The show is also not afraid to explore both the high, happy feelings of life as well as the deeper, darker, lower ones, and it does so sonically with some beautiful choices. Felix Mallard chose a song for an important scene of his, and actress Brianne Howey easily chose a song to embody her character Georgia.

Here are all the songs in “Ginny & Georgia” Season 2:

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Episode 1 – Welcome Back, Bitches!

  • “I Hate It” by again & again

  • “Pasta” by Angie McMahon

  • “Pretty Ugly” by Tierra Whack

  • “Save Your Words” by Craig Strickland

  • “Colors” by Black Pumas

  • “Distance” by Julian Daniel

  • “Peaches” by Justin Bieber, Giveon and Daniel Caesar

  • “Drop the Game” by Flime and Chet Parker

  • “Don’t Let Me Go” by Lane 8 & Arctic Lake

  • “Save My Soul” by Extreme Music

Episode 2 -Why Does Everything Have to Be So Terrible, All the Time, Forever?

  • “The Hunger” by Sam Fermin

  • “Lalala” by Soran

  • “Shame” by Nick Throop

  • “Young Lovers” by Dutchkid

  • “Blue” by FLAVIA

  • “Yeehaw (feat. Willie Jones & Rynn)” by Love Harder

  • “The Market Place” by Matt Dunne

  • “Irresistible” by ColinResponse

  • “Goergia” by Tiggs Da Author

  • “Weightless” by Chiiiild

Episode 3 – What Are You Playing at, Little Girl?

  • “Devil I Know” by Allie X

  • “I Rly Rly Like U” by Baby Bulldog

  • “No Negotiations” by Anna Sofia

  • “DCMO” by Lu Kala

  • “Work and the Weather” by High School Skinny

  • “Deck the Halls (feat. Tony Liberto & The Liberto Sisters)” by The Craig Gildner Sextet

  • “You’re the One” by KAYTRANADA & Syd

  • “Cougars (It Don’t Matter)” by Ezra Jordan

  • “Zanzibar” by Kamliza

  • “The Best” by Erica Banks
    “Love Somebody (feat. Chris Lee)” by Justin Caruso

  • “Blondes” by Peach PRC

  • “Cross My Heart I Hope You Die” by Meg Smith

  • “Put the Gun Down” by ZZ Ward

Episode 4 – Happy My Birthday to You

  • “1Night” by Daddy Nat

  • “Me4Me” by KOYOTIE

  • “Wild & Weak” by WAAX

  • “4runner” by prettyboyshav

  • “Mess Me Up” by Natiana

  • “WOO!” by Charmine

  • “Can’t Quit” by LHITNEY

  • “Like A Wave” by Nick Kingsley & Danny Farrant

  • “Keep Up” by RaeLynn

  • “I’m Just a Dog” by Specific Coast

  • “Little Fires” by Naomi August

  • “Paradise” by Hotline

  • “The Other Side” by Axel Mansoor

  • “Everybody Calls Me Son” by Specific Coast

  • “Way You Move” by Attom & Frye

  • “Eat them Apples” by Suzi Wu

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Episode 5 – Latkes Are Lit

  • “Drinkee” by Sofi Tukker

  • “Hey Bunny” by Baby Bugs”

  • “Good Friends” by Black Roses

  • “Vibin’ Out” by FKJ & (((O)))

  • “U & I” by Jordan Louis & Mia J. Morino

  • “6’s to 9’s” by Big Wild & Rationale

  • “Another” by Ruru

  • “Can’t Stop It” by Nate Bodiker

  • “I Can’t Take It Anymore” by The Hit Makers

  • “Something About You” by Elderbrook & Rudimental

Episode 6 – A Very Merry Ginny & Georgia Christmas Special

  • “Deck The Halls” by Caprice

  • “Deck the Halls (Girlfriend Remix)” by Wizard of Oz

  • “The Thought of You” by LUWTEN

  • “The First Noel” by Lakewood”

  • “The Nutcracker-Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy” by Lorne Balfe, Russell Emanuel and Steve Kofsky

  • “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” by The Sugar Sisters

  • “Jingle Bells” by Francis James & Evalina Ralls

  • “Ding! Dong! Merrily on High” by Lana Janjamin

  • “Hallelujah Chorus – Messiah (Xmas Mix)” by Lorne Balfe, Russell Emanuel and Steve Kofsky

  • “Christmas Eve” by Specific Coast

  • “Deck the Halls” by Lakewood

  • “Hush (Still Woozy Remix)” by The Marías

  • “Silent Night” by Caprice

  • “Deck the Halls” by Xander Rawlins

  • “I Never Get Tired of Xmas” prod. by Famous Friend

  • “Away In A Manger (Ukulele Xmas)” by The Dayshift

Episode 7 – Let Us Serenade the Sh*t Out of You

  • “Raw Thoughts” by Baby Queen”

  • “Stranger” by Future Generations

  • “Time” by Reyn Hartley

  • “In the Afternoon” by Josef Salvat

  • “Fight for Me” by Bukola

  • “Seventeen” by Ruru

  • “Waking” by Hayley Taylor

  • “You and Me” by Renee Lamy

  • “Like Yesterday” by Malory

  • “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor

  • “Fireflies” by Owl City

  • “We Unstoppable” by Alex Nova, Tom Griffiths, Adam Zapel & Dayeux

  • “Retrograde” by Dhruv

Episode 8 – Hark! Darkness Descends!

  • “Juno” by Choker

  • “Yellow Dress” by Holly Clausius

  • “Pretty Pills for Broken Hearts” by Cloudy June

  • “Riptide” by Haley Taylor

  • “ITS OK” by Tisoki feat. Kozze

  • “Rockstar” by Mark Francis & Duncan Burnett

  • “Evil Eye” by Bellah

  • “Ooh Yeah” by Janette King

  • “As I Am” by Julia Carlucci

  • “Rakefire” by Frank Mighty

  • “We Can Dream” (feat. Garo Nahoulakian) by Oliver C. Horton & Bea Parks

  • “Never Enough” by TWO LANES

  • + 3 songs from “Wellington” musical

Episode 9 – Kill Gil

  • “Good Girl” by Morganne

  • “Drive All Night With You” by Nightshift

  • “Georgia Power” by Blanco Brown

  • “Nothing but a Memory” by LAIKIPIA

  • “Our Love Is Enough” by Adam Townsend

  • “Lucid” by Morganne

  • “The Seeker” by Javi Cánovas

  • “Eye to Eye” by Specific Coast

  • “No Pain” by DJ D feat. Charlie Wilson, Charlotte Wilson and Khalid

  • “Missing Me” by Angie McMahon

  • “U Were Never Mine” by Ryan Wright

  • “White Flag” by Bishop Briggs

  • “Until I Found You” by Stephen Sanchez (with Em Beihold)

  • “Start a War” by Klergy and Valerie Broussard

Episode 10 – I’m No Cinderella

  • “Open” by Grace Aimi

  • “Blue” by Julia Chase

  • “Prism of Love (feat. JONES) [Piano Acoustic] by Blakey & JONES

  • “Stole My Heart” by Beasts With No Name

  • “Yellow” by Sam Opoku

  • “I Miss You, I’m Sorry” by Gracie Abrams

  • “A Little Wicked” by Valerie Broussard

  • “Fuck Your Sunshine” by Taszewo

  • “Upper Hand” by Hilzie

  • “Arc” by Yoste

  • “You Are the Reason (Instrumental)” by Calum Scott/Laura Sullivan

  • “Until I Found You” by Stephen Sanchez (repeat)

  • “Barely Alive” by Ufo Ufo

  • “Chapel of Love” by the Dixie Cups

  • “Child’s Play” by Nick Throop”

  • “Send It Off” by Greg Shulman

And here is the official playlist from Season 2.

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