'Somebody Better Give Me My Food': Chipotle Cashier Threatened with Gun for Closing Early

A Chipotle cashier in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was threatened with a gun by a customer demanding service after she was informed the restaurant was closing early, Philadelphia Police said on September 22.

The Philadelphia Police Department said that on September 18, the cashier of a Chipotle restaurant on Cottman Avenue, Philadelphia, was told by her manager to inform customers that the restaurant was closing early due to staffing and to advise customers to order online instead.

In response to the announcement, a woman allegedly took a firearm from her handbag and brandished it while asking to speak to the manager, police said. Philadelphia Police said the customer told the cashier “if someone doesn’t make her food she will be back and there will be a problem,” before putting the gun back into her handbag.

A co-worker decided to make the customer’s order in an effort to have her leave, police said. After making the order the customer displayed the firearm again and, according to police, said, “somebody better give me my food”. The Philadelphia Police Department said the customer took the food without paying and left.

Philadelphia Police released footage of the incident and asked for help in locating the suspect. Credit: Philadelphia Police Department via Storyful

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