Somalia's last camel bone carving artisans

This is one of Somalia's last camel bone carving artisans

Muse Mohamud Olosow learned the craft from his father in 1976

He says he is one of just four artisans left in the country

who still work with the bones of camel

(SOUNDBITE) (Somali) ARTISAN, MUSE MOHAMUD OLOSOW, SAYING:"Camels' bones are stronger and bigger than other types of bones. Bones can be turned into many things. I make sticks, rosary, bracelets, and earrings.// My kids will inherit these skills from me, as I inherited from my father. They have to follow suit. I do not want these skills to stop."

His painstakingly carved prayer beads can cost $50 apiece

His clients are mostly government officials or wealthy Somalis living abroad

Somalia is home to the world’s largest camel population

Pastoralism of camels and other livestock

provide livelihoods for 60% of the population

Source: 2019 U.S. government study

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