Soldiers of Siberian Battalion claim to have entered the village of Gorkovsky near Belgorod

A fighter of the Siberian Battalion
A fighter of the Siberian Battalion

Russian volunteer fighters claim to have entered the village of Gorkovsky in Belgorod Oblast and seized the local administration building, the Siberian Battalion reported on Telegram on March 17.

"Units of the Russian Liberation Forces, together with volunteers from the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria, entered the village of Gorkovsky in the Russian Federation and seized the local administration building," the post reads.

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Siberian Battalion soldiers also posted a photo with a Russian flag and a sign of the local administration.

<span class="copyright">Siberian Battalion/Telegram</span>
Siberian Battalion/Telegram

Raid of Russian volunteers in Russia — what is known

Russian volunteers from the Freedom of Russia Legion, the Russian Volunteer Corps (RDK), and the Siberian Battalion announced on March 12 a new operation in Belgorod Oblast of the Russian Federation.

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The RDK claimed to have advanced several dozens of kilometers and taken prisoners. Moscow reported casualties among the Russian army.

Russian rebels also attacked the FSB building in Belgorod on March 13.

Russian volunteers claimed to be in control of the village of Tiotkino in Kursk Oblast. Later they said that the village was in a gray zone. On March 14, the Freedom of Russia Legion said it had destroyed two ammunition depots in Tiotkino.

The Freedom of Russia Legion called its main mission to reach Moscow.

Russian volunteers recorded a joint appeal to dictator Vladimir Putin on March 16, calling on him to get in touch with them.

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