Solar-powered motorhome promotes sustainability across Europe

Location: Bordeaux, France

Engineering students are driving their solar-powered motorhome across Europe

Location: Bardenas Reales, Spain

to promote sustainable modes of transportation

Location: Madrid, Spain

(SOUNDBITE) (English) DUTCH ENGINEERING STUDENT TJIN TER HORST, 21, SAYING: “The challenge was the trade-off between aerodynamic and looks, because of course if you want to live inside it needs to be comfortable and needs to look nice. And of course we want the vehicle to be very efficient as well.”

Expansive solar panels on the vehicle allow the self-sustaining house on wheels

to travel up to 460 miles on a sunny day

while the battery also powers a fridge, coffee maker, and laptop

The vehicle can also be charged on an electrical grid

(SOUNDBITE) (English) BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING STUDENT, LOTTE VAN DASLER, SAYING: “Why we are standing here in Madrid is because we are in a tour through Europe. We started in Eindhoven in the 19th of September and we are driving all the way to Tarifa, with a lot of different stops. And it is because we really want to inspire the people about a more sustainable future, let them see what is already possible.”

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